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Why You Need Regular Teeth Cleanings

When our schedules become scarce it's unfortunate that too many of us will target our dentist visits when we need to free up spare time. Regular teeth cleanings from our Plymouth, MI, dentist are not a luxury, they are key to keeping our smiles healthy and clean, and the reason for this is plaque. Plaque can be very damaging to our smiles and only good dental hygiene habits can keep it in check. Learn more about the role of plaque from Dr. James Johnson of Wolfpack Dental.

Aspects of At-Home Care 

Plaque builds on our teeth every day and every day we must do our best to remove it. It's the reason our dentist recommends brushing twice daily.

Flossing removes food particles between our teeth as it's food that the bacteria within plaque crave and feed on.

This follows that the food we eat is just as important as the other aspects of good dental hygiene habits. It's sugary foods and drinks that bacteria seek, so limiting our consumption of these can help improve both our dental and our overall health

Importance of In-Office Cleanings

Even if we are very diligent with our brushing and flossing, there is usually some plaque left over. Much more so when we are less than diligent. The minerals in our saliva will harden this plaque and turn it into tartar, which is near impossible to remove at home. Bacteria will damage not only teeth but also gums and cause gum disease as a result, which threatens the entire structure that supports our teeth.

Teeth Cleanings in Plymouth, MI

An in-office cleaning will remove this built-up tartar, it's when there's too much of it that there could be some minor discomfort. There should be less so in the next visit, especially if we take good care of brushing and flossing. In-office cleanings are even able to reverse gum disease in its early stages.

Along with these benefits is the checkup that occurs during these visits. It's during these that our doctor can spot potential problems before they become severe, and often costly, complications.

If it's time to come into your Plymouth, MI, office for a professional you can schedule an appointment with Wolfpack Dental, and Dr. Johnson, by dialing 734-455-4070.

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